Sell a Smell

Walking passed a buss the other day, I got myself a nice cozy taster of the exhaust and while some/most would have used every muscle in their face pulling a disgusted face (why not just hold your nose?)


 I turned my head around following the smelly bus & hoping for another 'glimpse' of the BEAUTIFUL smell that took me back to Vietnam! 

Where a year ago without realizing, I had one of my best-life-memory moments, surrounded by little men and women shouting:


OH...The beautiful smell of petrol, diesel and shiite oozing from the village and  tuktuk like taxies waiting to rip us off...

And yes, so the 163 bus with its disgustingly polluting and stinky smell suddenly took me back on a journey so far away...

And so it hit me! AHA! 

(I warn you the following might seem controversial, but hear me out...)

Why not sell smell?

When I was 6 we moved to Sweden from Iran. I never got a chance to say goodbye to my grand mum & dad. I didn't even get to say hi again, unfortunately some years later they passed away.

I would give a handsome sum of money if I could buy my Nana's smell in a little jar, so that I could remember the huge hugs and kisses i used to get from her as a child. 

The smell of their house, where I could feel the dizziness coming over me from the odd  mixture smell from the overly chlorine filled pool and the lovely rose bushes.

The smell of loved one, moment, place or event that you miss and would like to escape to every now and then...miss_you1-300x225.jpg

My boyfriend said, but how can you let a loved one go, if you keep returning to the memories?

Who knows, maybe the smell could be just what one need to be able to move on, knowing that the smell is not gone for ever. Couldn't this be the future  modern therapy?

'Memories triggered by smells are more vivid and more emotional than those triggered by sounds, pictures or words.'

''Smells may trigger such strong memories because our ancestors were more dependent on their noses to avoid poisonous plants, rotten food or enemies than modern people.'' Dr Yaara Yeshurun,  the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel

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