Biking to catch the school bus today, I lost the key to the lock, so i had to go back home:(
I was thinking, a new one's gonna cost me 150skr = 15GBP so why not offer a finders fee.
The Idea was to get some help and besides I cant get the lock off my bike if i don't find the key?
But how am I gonna be able to deliver the money, I thought?
OH!!!Such hassle I got no time for this shit!
SO! AHA!!! It hit me, I decided to launch a charity reward in return for the key!
So 150skr will go to UNICEF, Click above inpink to see.
 To Nepalese women and children project as soon as someone finds my key and put it in the plastic pocket that will be provided with the note that i will put up.
In the note, I have also given my email so that the finder can demand a receipt as proof of payment to UNICEF.
Lets just hope someone will find it soon!
Feeling inspired?
Read ''The Medici effect'' by F. Johansson the best eye-opener ever! finding intersections in everything at all times!



Har du sett min nyckel?
 Borttappat cyckelnyckel sitter ensam på en ring.
Upphittad nyckel kan läggas i plastfickan så plockar jag upp den.
Nepal är ett av världens fattigaste länder. Kvinnor och barn är mycket
utsatta och UNICEF arbetar för att skydda dem från våld, exploatering och
Jag e-postar gärna kvitto på att jag har skänkt pengarna till Unicef om du lägger nyckeln I
plastfickan och mailar mig på