Detectable PAINS = you experience a discomfort and wish a solution....

Sitting here outside my university revising, I see a man wandering around gathering bottles to recycle in exchange for money ( the swedish rewarding system for recycling, its brilliant!). 

He systematically walks between the bins that are effectively planted around the school. (Sweden's not like London, where bins are banished in fear of terrorism) 

He's looking for treasures in form of empty coke or beer bottles and cans. When finished, he takes a break on a bench 20m away. 

He starts sobbing........ its so sad,

it breaks my heart!

Meanwhile he looks in his bags, finds a halfdrunken coke and sipps on it.

I look at him, I look to my left where another girl 10m away is looking at me wondering if I'm as disturbed by this scene as she is... she gets her stuff and walks off.

I wonder if I should go forward to ask him where he is from, has he got a home, is he hungry, he can have my lunch?! When I notice him starting a conversation with what seems to be 1 or 2 others, only they're imaginary. I wonder, so what should I say to him? Even if he asks for help? I don't have bloody clue! i Google homeless people help in Västerås, I find a number for the social-care, which is open between 8-12 every monday - Friday, it's Saturday! It might as well has said....

 '' Please notice, homeless people and generally people in need are not recognized and therefore non-existent in Västerås beyond half-office-opening-hours during weekdays....''

No more useful info is there for me to grab, and so the man stands up, sighs and walks of.

.......leaving me wishing I'd known what to do... How can we make information for helping others more accessible? I mean what if someones got hurt and needed CPR? Not everyones got Rescue certificates, knowing how to give CPR, why isn't accessible helping info thought of by the man in charge and a demand from landscape architects?

A PAIN detected... something to follow up.